Steam Radiators & Convectors

Radiators. Aren't they wonderful? Well, when they're working and behaving that is!

But, just like us, they're getting old. And little problems creep up now and again. Bad vents, leaking valves, even leaking radiators themselves. Maybe some unwanted noise, or banging.

Or, maybe you'd like to move a radiator, or add one to a room without one. Maybe you'd like to go all-modern and have some of those fancy sleek European radiators installed. Even a towel warmer in the bathroom. ​

Good for you. You've come to the right place. There isn't anything about radiators we don't know, can't fix, or can't do.

We even refinish them. Yes, you heard correctly. We'll come to your home, remove  your radiators and have them professionally sandblasted, stripping off all layers of paint. Then they'll be re-finished with high quality 2-part industrial epoxy paint, after which they'll look brand new! And gorgeous. Then we'll bring them back to your home and re-install them.

Why, you might even say that we are the Radiator Specialists!

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