Steam Radiator Refinishing

May 1st Until Labor Day Only

Are Your Radiators Unsightly?

Unsightly Radiator

We can fix that. Just say the word and we’ll come and remove your radiators. Then we'll have them sandblasted to remove all layers of paint (including that yucky lead paint), painted with 3 coats of 2-part industrial epoxy paint, and then brought back and reinstalled. Easy. Just the way we like it. All at a lower price point than radiator covers.

You’ll be amazed at the difference:

Beautiful Steam Radiator
Newly Painted Radiator
Refinished Radiator
Sandblasted and Painted Radiator

And amazed how easy it is to order. Just click on the button below and you'll be taken to our quoting, ordering, & scheduling page. Simply fill in your information to see your pricing and, when satisfied, -schedule your job.


The Radiator program is in operation roughly from May 1st until Labor Day. But you can quote & schedule anytime for a summer booking

If you just have one or two, sometimes we can do these during the winter.

Need A Replacement Radiator?

That's covered as well

Before Ugly Radiators
After Beautiful Radiators