Steam Heat System Restoration

Once upon a time your steam system ran beautifully. But there's been a lot of water under the bridge since it first went in, and sometimes systems become so altered over the years due to neglect, knuckleheads, and renovations that they are unrecognizable in their current state, and performing horribly.

And that's when we think Restoration. Believe it or not, all the old plans, manuals, blue prints, and details are still available for almost any steam system ever installed. And naturally, we have them all in our library.

So when things get too far out of hand we like to simply restore the system to the way it was originally. After all, -we know it worked just fine in that  condition. In most instances it is more cost effective than chasing after and trying to eliminate one problem after another.

And certainly more cost effective than throwing the steam out and converting to hot water. Heaven Forbid! The only good reason to do that would be if you didn't know about us. And you do. So forget about it.

One example we find all too often is the addition of a condensate return pump or tank or a boiler feed unit and F&T traps. No doubt at some point the condensate was slow to return to the boiler, causing it to go off on low water. Rather than fix the problem with the returns, the tank and pump was  added at great expensive and complexity and additional headaches.

Another example is motorized zone valves. No doubt installed with good intention to help balance the heat, but almost always disastrous in practice. Venting is the tried and true method for balancing 1-pipe steam systems. Manual radiator or TRV valves are for balancing most 2-pipe systems.

And don't get us started on pipes that were moved by a steam-ignorant plumber or contractor to accommodate a renovation.

The best and easiest solution in most cases: Restore it to its original configuration.


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