Steam Pipe & Fittings Insulation

Steam is a gas that desperately wants to be a liquid. And only steam can heat your home, not condensate. So all steam pipes were originally insulated. It made no sense and was a complete waste of money to do otherwise. The heat loss through an uninsulated pipe is more than 5 times that of an insulated pipe. When it comes to saving money and reducing system noises and other ills, steam pipe insulation is a big deal. You only have to buy it once, and it's a lot cheaper than fuel.

But saving money isn't the end of it. Steam systems perform a lot better when properly insulated.  A common problem we run into are steam systems with the mains still insulated, while the near-boiler piping is not. This can result in the boiler having lower pressure than out in the system causing the steam to flow in reverse. That's because the header will cool faster than the insulated mains, and steam always goes from high pressure to low. Always.

That's why we install a lot of it. And it really makes a big improvement.

And if your original asbestos insulation is more nonexistent than existent, we can take care of that too.

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