Steam Heat Balancing & Venting

Steam can't go where air is.

It's really that simple.


Too many folks spend too much time thinking about what the steam is doing, when they should be thinking about where the air is going (or isn't).

Because air is our enemy. Air won't heat your home, but it can certainly prevent steam from doing so. Which makes air very expensive to keep around.

Air is why things won't heat, why heat is so expensive, and why heat distribution is so uneven.

There's only one way to deal with air: Vent it!

Venting is a big part of the Magic we do at NES. You see, when your system was first installed venting wasn't even on the installers or owners radar. That's because their systems were coal fired. They rarely vented. Instead, they obsessed about vacuum. But with the end of the coal era came the end of the vacuum systems. The era of venting was ushered in. Or should have been. But it never really happened because coal died, the old guys died, steam systems died, and  WW II was over. 

The country was in the grip of a heating and housing revolution never before seen. And no one had any interest in looking back.

Until today.

It's a little late. But the era of venting has arrived. Contact us and we'll show you just what a wonderful era it is!


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