Steam Heat Renovations & Additions

Thinking about a kitchen or bath renovation? Maybe an addition to your home? If so, you've probably already run into a wall of negativity because your heating system is steam. Contractors are  no different from anyone else: Things they don't understand frighten them. And steam really frightens them.

Once upon a time houses were renovated or added onto and nobody blinked at the fact the home had steam heat. It was assumed, and the work proceeded quite normally.

But today you are going to hear about the things you want being impossible, toe-kick heaters that never work, and hot water loops off of your steam boiler (introducing a great deal of complexity) that seem very expensive.

Relax, and keep it simple. We at NES still have all the know-how and expertise needed to keep your system both steam and uncomplicated. Which is what makes steam so special in the first place. Just be sure to invite us in from the beginning so we can work with your architect and/or designer before they  get too far down the road. Steam does have some special considerations. But usually they are quite manageable.


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