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We Got Steam Heat!

If you've got steam heat, beyond having us come out to service your system, this is the best $25 you'll ever spend. Written in a delightful and humorous prose, and easily understood by any homeowner. A must-have and a true classic.

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Kodiak Controls KC25-3# Low Pressure Gauge 3 PSI

Here's our preferred low pressure gauge, 0-3psi. Installing one is a little more advanced DIY project than radiator vents, but we get asked a lot, so here it is. Knowledge is power as we all know, and the standard 0-30psi gauge on your boiler tells you exactly nothing. 


Danco 36375 3/32-in x 24-in Graphite Valve Stem Packing

Graphite Packing String. Just the thing if you have a

leaking radiator valve. With the system off and the radiator cool loosen the nut and wrap 3 or 4 loops of string around the threads in a clockwise direction. Then screw the nut back on and securely tighten. The string will seal any gaps that existed. If that doesn't do it, then you'll need us.


Millrose 70660 Monster Roll PTFE Thread Seal Tape, 1/2-in x 260-in

It's a good idea to use a little teflon tape on the threads when installing new vents. Here's a little mini roll, perfect for the job.


Rectorseal 68732 36 Steamaster Tablets

Original Steamaster tablets. This is our preferred steam boiler water conditioner. A little goes a long way! 1/2 a tablet for small boilers to 2 tablets max unless we advise otherwise. Ignore dosing instructions on the bottle or you'll regret it.

Maid O Mist Straight.png

Maid O' Mist - Straight Version

This is the straight version of the one below. If you have convectors or baseboard, you often need one of these. Unfortunately, they are only available with a single #5 orifice. Not to worry though,  the same orifices on the above angle vent fit, and you probably need some of those as well. So it all works out.


MAID O'MIST 0220-5L ADJ Angle Steam Valve

Maid O' Mist Adjustable Radiator Vents. This is our preferred go-to radiator vent. The main reason being that they're fool-proof. We don't trust those adjustable dial-type vents. They are all made in China, and too often turning the dial seems to have no effect. These vents come with 5 individual orifices that screw into the top by hand to adjust the venting rate. The smallest is a #4 and the largest is a D size. The smaller the orifice, the slower the radiator will be to heat. Conversely, if you have a cold room, start with a 6. If that doesn't do it, move up to a C, and finally a D. We've found them to be very dependable, and the price point is excellent. If you don't know when it last happened, you should change all of your radiator vents. Their average lifespan is 5 years. When they stop closing they will leak steam, -which is the same as a water leak. That water will need to be replaced at the boiler. And if you've been paying attention, -fresh water kills. So change them already and save your boiler, -and get balanced in the process.