Brenda & Ron

Coventry, RI

It is a daunting task to restore a Victorian home.

You want to do it thoughtfully and carefully and make it appealing and efficient to the next owners of a piece of history


It is important to do research and consult with experts before attempting to replace a heating system

When we found a forum called Heating Help they recommended NE Steamworks

Our home is 5400 sq ft and filled with old radiators and some steam baseboards

We have never been really warm here and have relied on pellet stoves and 14 tons of pellet fuel


We called three heating contractors.The first two seemed knowledgeable and promised to get back to me with a plan and an estimate.

When Ryan Curran of NE Steamworks came it was a much more thorough evaluation.

I was in fact sent a worksheet to fill out before he even came to the house.He wanted to know the number of tubes,number of  columns, number of radiators,and whether they were small or large tubes 

Ryan spent a considerable amount of time following the existing piping and making an assessment 

I received a comprehensive plan and price by email in a timely manner


Our new boiler is amazing.All our radiators on all three floors are working.The heating is very even and we barely have to touch the thermostat to be comfortable

Ryan is a true steam expert and exactly what we needed to help this house through the next century