New Cast Iron Radiators

Ready to make a real decorative splash but thinking radiators are old fashioned and boring? Think again! The cast iron radiator reimagined from our friends at Castrads:

Grace 1a.png
neptune 1a.png
neptune icon.png
mercury 1a.png
mercury icon.png
rococo 1a.png
rococo icon.png

These 4 radiator designs are available in every conceivable shape and size configuration, as well as a wealth of finishing options. Everything you need to make your home radiators the center pieces they deserve to be.

Lead time is approximately 8 to 10 weeks with prices ranging from  $800 to $2500 per radiator. Installation by our highly qualified technicians, as well as radiators accessories, is/are additional.

One-Pipe TRV. These can be helpful if proper main venting fails to solve the problem.
Two-Pipe TRV. Finally, an attractive replacement for 2-pipe control valves. With built in TRV.
Radiator Valves

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